We’re thrilled to announce the 2023 Yolo Air Quality Education Grant! This second-annual grant will fund a program that fosters behavior change among children, leading to improved air quality. Proposals, which should propose a project to be delivered in 2024, could focus on educating children about the importance of understanding and monitoring air quality, introducing children to strategies for improving air quality, making infrastructure improvements to drive behavior change, and more. Applicants may request up to $10,000; we anticipate awarding one grant.

Letters of Intent are due on October 23, 2023. Based on the letters of intent, on November 17, 2-4 applicants will be invited to submit a full grant application, which will be due December 8. The recipient will be notified in January 2024.

More information, including eligibility guidelines and the LOI submission link, is available here. Want to learn more?

  • We hosted an information session on 10/3. The recording is available here and slides and notes here. 
  • Office Hours (open-ended session in which applicants and prospective applicants may ask questions about eligibility, the grant application, etc.):

Questions? Contact us at .

The Yolo Air Quality Education Grant is made possible through the support of a generous YCF fundholder.