Ready to get started?

You can give to any of our existing funds, or, with a gift of $10,000 or more, you can establish your own fund. We can help you choose a giving strategy that is right for you.

Types of Funds:

(1) Donor Advised <–> Simple and Convenient

The number one option for donors who value freedom, flexibility, and choice, Donor Advised Funds offer a hands-on approach to philanthropy. Donor Advised Funds are ideal for those who plan to give to multiple organizations and programs throughout the year.

Download information on Donor Advised Funds.

(2) Designated Agency <–> Long-Term Consistent Support

Perhaps through volunteering, a personal connection or a desire to make a difference, you have developed a passion for specific nonprofit programs and initiatives. No matter what your interest, a Designated Fund ensure ongoing, reliable support for those organizations, and the Foundation will work with you to help establish a fund that achieves your unique charitable goals.

Download information on Designated Funds.

(3) Scholarship <–> Engaging Youth

The Scholarship funds can be designed to engage youth. We can work with you to create a Designated Scholarship Fund, Managed Scholarship Fund, or a Hybrid Scholarship Fund.

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(4) Field of Interest <–> Following a Passion

By creating a Field of Interest Fund, donors can choose to support a specific area of concern, and let the Foundation determine which organizations are doing the best work in that area through a competitive grant making process. The Foundation will make grants on your behalf to the most appropriate and effective organizations. A Field of Interest Fund allows you to focus your giving in an area that is meaningful to you, whether it is welfare of children, the vibrancy of our local arts scene, or the prevention of homelessness, to name a few.

Download information on Field of Interest Funds.