The Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund is a partnership between Yolo County, the cities of Woodland, Winters, West Sacramento, and Davis, and the Yolo Community Foundation. To date, the Yolo COVID-19 Relief Fund has granted out more than $679,000 to 30 local nonprofits. Grants have been made in two categories: Front-Line Response Grants (up to $30,000), which made up the large majority of funding to date, for organizations addressing needs created or exacerbated by COVID-19 and the resulting fall-out, and Nonprofit Sustainability Grants (up to $10,000), to support organizations whose funding was significantly disrupted by the crisis. These grants are mostly unrestricted (within these broad purposes and to serve Yolo County specifically). In addition, we received a donation from Yolo County that was funded by the CARES Act; that funding went to support several larger grants focused on eviction prevention, childcare, and educational equity. You can learn more about many of the nonprofits funded here and here.

At this time, we have no funding left in the Relief Fund. We will continue to assess local needs and funding opportunities, and will reopen grantmaking if the funding to do so becomes available. Have questions or feedback? Please email us at .

Relief Fund Contributions

While we encourage community members to contribute directly to local nonprofits, individuals may also donate to the Relief Fund by contacting us at or 530-312-0593.