The mission of Yolo Community Foundation is to inspire and support giving and to provide philanthropic leadership in our community.
Yolo Community Foundation (YCF) promotes philanthropy by serving as a public foundation through which:

  1. community members pursue their own charitable goals;
  2. local nonprofits benefit from YCF programs and events; and
  3. youth learn the meaning of community involvement and service. As a community foundation, we lead the campaign to create a county-wide culture of service and giving.


Our purpose is to:

  • Build a permanent endowment for the people of Yolo County
  • Assist donors in meeting their charitable needs
  • Support community non-profit organizations
  • Develop local responses to local problems
  • Preserve our heritage
  • Contribute to the future of Yolo County


The following principles serve as guidelines for action by the Yolo Community Foundation Board and staff.

  • Promote an atmosphere of community involvement.
  • Support the development of the future leaders of Yolo County.
  • Respect donors’ interests and intentions.
  • Reflect the values of the local community in the actions and investments of the Foundation.
  • Promote collaborative partnerships among individuals and organizations serving the County.
  • Work to preserve the distinctive heritage of Yolo County.
  • Seek to balance urban and rural needs.
  • Exercise accountability and transparency in all Foundation activities.
  • Manage assets prudently in order to be an effective vehicle for philanthropy.