You can give to any of our already established funds and their causes listed on this page.

• Anonymous (3)* Fund

• Barbara Neu Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship will support students who attended Fairfield Elementary School in Davis, California with their continuing education into and through adulthood, be it university, college, trade school, or other relevant educational endeavor.

• Bob Morris Family Community Fund
To provide high school scholarship funds, particularly students with an interest in science, music, and agriculture.

• Buck Education Fund**

The Buck Education Fund provides grants in Yolo County to enhance and develop local science, technology, engineering, arts and math programs, also known as STEAM, support parent engagement efforts, and grow literacy programs for youth from pre-school through high school

• Burns-Bellhorn Scholarship Fund
The Burns-Bellhorn Fund Scholarship was established to benefit further education to a Winters High School senior to encourage and assist their participation in making the world a better Place. Applicants must be a Winters High School senior planning on attending a Junior College, Trade, Technical, or vocational school with a career goal of becoming a tradesman, business person or entrepreneur.

• Cache Creek Conservancy Reserve Fund
The reserve fund is set up to meet the future needs of the organization.

• Cache Creek Nature Preserve Endowment Fund
The fund supports the development, operation, and maintenance of the Jan T. Lowrey Cache Creek Nature Preserve.

• Cary Family Fund
General charitable giving, including arts, education, environmental, and human service organizations.

• Chan Family Fund
To fund general charitable purposes.

• Cone Family Fund
General charitable purposes.

• David and Margret Gerriets Family Fund*
To provide funding for the following agencies: Yolo Hospice, Suicide Prevention Services, Grace-In-Action, Davis Community Meals, Davis Schools Foundation, and the Yolo SPCA.

• Davis Arts Center Long-Term Investment Fund
The purpose of the fund is to support the Davis Arts Center’s mission to provide a gathering place for dynamic engagement with the arts. Through multidisciplinary classes and programs for the regional community, the Arts Center inspires creative expression in people of all ages and fosters an environment for the arts to flourish.

• Davis Recreation & Community Services Program Fund
To provide long term, consistent source of financial support for the City of Davis Community Services division, including but not limited to, assisting with ongoing operational costs for recreation, community and social services programs.

• Davis Senior Services Endowment Fund
To provide long term and consistent source for financial support for the City of Davis Senior Services Division, including but not limited to, supporting and promoting the ongoing activities, services and facilities associated with the City of Davis Senior Center.

• Davis Senior Services Improvement Fund
To provide long term, consistent source of financial support for the City of Davis Senior Services division, including but not limited to, assisting with ongoing capital maintenance needs, facility improvements, and special projects desired at the City of Davis Senior Center and its associated programs and services.

• Donna and Nicole Douglass Family Fund*
To provide support for charitable organizations providing care and services for the elderly (such as but not limited to, Meals on Wheels) and animals. The annual spendable portion of the fund shall be allocated evenly between the two fields of interest.

• Friends of the Yolo Community Foundation**
To support operating expenses of the Yolo Community Foundation (YCF) as recommended by the YCF Advisory Board.

• Hewitt Family Fund
General charitable purposes.

• Joan Q. Hogan Endowment**
To support Yolo County well into the future through grants to Yolo County organizations and support for operating expenses related to such work.

• Lew Franck Family Fund
To help protect or restore the environment (lakes, rivers, wetlands and open spaces in Yolo and El Dorado County), as well as to help meet future needs of Yolo County.

• Martha S. West Fund
General philanthropy.

• Parro Family Fund for the Arts*
To support art organizations in Yolo County, including all types of visual and performing arts.

• Putah Creek Council Endowment Fund
To support the mission of the Putah Creek Council to protect and enhance Putah Creek and its tributaries through advocacy, education and community-based stewardship.

• Putah Creek Expendable Fund
To support the mission of the Putah Creek Council to protect and enhance Putah Creek and its tributaries through advocacy, education, and community based stewardship.

• Richard and Kyoko Luna Family Fund
For general charitable purposes.

• Robin Kulakow & Bill Julian Family Fund
General charitable purposes.

• Robin Kulakow & Bill Julian Fund for Yolo Basin Foundation
To support the Robin Kulakow Fellowship Program at the Yolo Basin Foundation.

• The Roy and Cynthia Kroener Family Scholarship
To provide scholarships to qualified students from Davis Senior High School to pursue higher education.

• Sandeen Swingle Family Fund
To provide program and operational support to nonprofits selected by the advisors.

• Sandronsky-Hirsch Family Fund
To support the arts, education, environment and social services and other organizations that will continue to make this a great place to live and work.

• Stallard Family Fund
To support the arts, education, the environment, and other charitable purposes.

• Stephens DeWall County Library Staff Fund
To support the Yolo County Library (YCL) employees by funding staff development events and opportunities to celebrate and honor the good work of YCL employees.

• Valley Elderberry Beetle Mitigation Fund
To support the Habitat Manager in furtherance of the long-term stewardship of the Property in accordance with the Biological Opinion and the LTMP.

• Vandergriff Brent Family Fund
Generally, to assist underprivileged children and families in the community and beyond, and especially to assist with higher educational opportunities.

• Weiss Family Fund
To provide charitable support to organizations that provide service to those in need and other causes that improve the quality of life.

• Western Yolo Recreation and Aquatic Fund
To support the annual operations and maintenance of the Aquatic Recreation, a 10 acre public park and swimming pool in Esparto, CA and to support future infrastructure improvements and repairs of the park facility and grounds.

• Wide, Wide World Fund
To promote educational and cultural enrichment for students in Winters schools that will open a wider world to them. Monies from this fund may also be used to support the Burns-Bellhorn Scholarship Fund.

• William and Nancy Roe Fund
For general philanthropy.

• Winters Senior Fund
To support seniors activities and facilities in Winters and other related purposes.

• Woodland Shakespeare Club
For the general operation of the Woodland Shakespeare Club.

• Yolo County CASA
Contribute to the funding of Yolo County CASA operations/programs.

• Yolo County Children’s Alliance Charitable Fund
To Support the mission of the Yolo County Children’s Alliance to assess, coordinate, and act to strengthen and support the continuum of prevention and intervention services and resources of children,youth and their families.

• Yolo County Community Impact Fund**
To support grantmaking to Yolo County nonprofit organizations, including but not limited to arts and cultures, basic human needs, education and community health, environment, and YoYoSA grants, as recommended by the Yolo Community Foundation Advisory Board.

• The Yolo County Historical Society Fund
To support the mission of the Yolo County Historical Society through charitable and education programs and historical preservation. The society discovers, collects, preserves, and furthers knowledge of Yolo County history.

• Yolo County Library Foundation
To enhance the ability of the Yolo County Library to provide library services to the county’s diverse and widespread population by raising funds and increasing public awareness.

• Yolo Youth Service Award**
The Yolo Youth Service Awards (YoYoSA) program is designed to promote and reward Yolo County youth volunteering with local nonprofit organizations, and encourage Yolo County nonprofits to engage with youth volunteers. Yolo Community Foundation is proud to recognize tomorrow’s leaders in local philanthropy.

*Legacy Fund(s)

**Fund of the Yolo Community Foundation